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Zambia: Climate Change

Touristclick Zambia Travel News

Zambia: Climate Change


ZAMBIA has already started experiencing adverse effects of climate change through floods and droughts experienced in recent years, Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources Minister, Michael Kaingu told Parliament yesterday.

In a ministerial statement, Mr Kaingu said global warming effects had the potential to frustrate the smooth implementation of development strategies including the Fifth National Development Plan (FNDP) and the Vision 2030.

He said there was need to make people understand what was happening in order for them to take precautions when building or farming in flood prone areas such as valleys.

Mr Kaingu said climate change threatened to reverse gains that had been scored in several sectors of many economies including poverty reduction efforts in most developing countries like Zambia.

He said climate change would affect people's access to water, food production, health and the environment adding that Government was doing a lot in dealing with the threat of climate change.

The minister said the sectors that had been identified as the most vulnerable to adverse effects include agriculture, health, water and energy as well as forests and wildlife.

He said Government had completed the formulation of the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA), which had helped in identifying most vulnerable sectors and recommended adaptation activities.

He said the country was also party to the Kyoto Protocol, a legally biding instrument put within the international framework of dealing with climate change.

Parliament also heard that construction of Shang'ombo District Hospital and Keyana Health Centre by Tomorrow Investment was delayed because of cement shortage and constant breakdowns of the pontoon on Zambezi river although the K11 billion works had reached 75 per cent.

Health deputy minister, Lwipa Puma, in response to a question by Liuwa MP Imasiku Lubinda who wanted to know the state of the project also said that Luiwanyau Health Post in Senanga had been completed while Mutondo Health Centre was at 98 per cent.

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And Education Minister, Geoffrey Lungwangwa said Government had paid a lot of attention to examinations leakages and was waiting for pupils to finish their examinations before it could assess and evaluate the situation. This was in response to Mandevu MP Jean Kapata (PF) who wanted to know what Government was doing on leakages.

Meanwhile, speaker of the National Assembly, Amusaa Mwanamwambwa ruled that Defence Minister, George Mpombo was in order to state that Parliament agreed to pass the NCC Bill in reaction to Lusaka Central MP Guy Scott (PF) who wanted to know if he was in order say the house unanimously agreed to the Bill in reference to a story published in the Daily Mail on Monday .

The speaker said that since Parliament was open to the public and had a website where anyone could check what happened in the house, the point of order was a non-starter.


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