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RPT ADB provides Uzbekistan

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RPT ADB provides Uzbekistan

by Forbes

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it will provide Uzbekistan with a 30 mln usd loan to improve education in rural areas with equipment for laboratories and other teaching and learning materials, as well as enhancing teacher training.

The government of Uzbekistan has launched a major programme to upgrade the education system by 2009, and part of the initiative is to remove disparities between schools in rural areas and those in towns and cities.

The government has asked ADB for support by expanding its ongoing assistance to the country, which includes updating the curriculum, textbook development and promoting information and communication technology in education.

As part of the new project, rural schools upgraded under the government's programme will be equipped with laboratories and provided with teaching and learning materials, teacher training institutions and district education departments will be strengthened and community participation in school life increased, the ADB said.

About 670,000 students and 63,000 teachers will benefit in the three project regions (oblasts) Tashkent oblast, Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya. The project has been designed to be completed by the end of 2011.



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