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Uzbekistan Travel News
Take a time to explore our Uzbekistan travel News section before you travel to Uzbekistan

Touristclick Uzbekistan Travel News

RPT ADB provides Uzbekistan
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it will provide Uzbekistan with a 30 mln usd loan to improve education in rural areas ...Nov 2007

Uzbekistan hosts textile fair
With a stable, solid resource base, law energy costs and highly qualified labour resources in hands, with the assistance of foreign partners Uzbekistan is ...Nov 2007

UN Rapporteur On Torture Urges Uzbekistan
The call by Manfred Nowak today comes as the United Nations' antitorture panel is holding hearings about prisoner treatment in Uzbekistan, and in the same ...Nov 2007

UZBEKISTAN: Criminal trial
Repression of religious communities of all faiths is taking place in Uzbekistan. Nikolai Zulfikarov - who hosts worship in his home of a small Baptist ...Nov 2007

Uzbekistan: Ascension or How
Election of the president of Uzbekistan is scheduled for December 23, 2007, but its outcome is already a foregone conclusion - as well as the name of the ...Nov 2007


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Uzbekistan Travel news

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