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Greece Turkey’s partner in travel

Touristclick United Arab Emirates Travel News

Greece Turkey’s partner in travel

by Today's Zaman

Greece will be Turkey's partner at the Travel Turkey İzmir 2007 Trade Fair & Conference for Tourism, to be held at the International İzmir fairgrounds between Dec. 13 and 16.

According to a statement released Friday by İzmir Fair Services Culture and Art Affairs Trade Inc. (İZFAŞ), Greece and Turkey are partnering as the focal countries at the fair.

The important partnership between Turkey and Greece in terms of tourism will be highlighted during the fair. President of the Greek Tourism and Travel Agencies Association (HATTA) Yiannis Evangelou will be in attendance. The Greek delegation, the largest among all of the countries attending, will offer information on tourism developments in Greece in a specially designed 108- square-meter booth, offered only to the partner country. The fair, which will take place in İzmir for the first time, will host 150 participants including locals and foreigners. Şanlıurfa in the southeast of Turkey will be the guest city.

Norway, Greece, Britain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt as well as the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) will also take part in the fair.


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