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United Arab Emirates Travel News
Take a time to explore our United Arab Emirates travel News section before you travel to United Arab Emirates

Touristclick United Arab Emirates Travel News

Brazil and Argentina Emirates
Brazil and Argentina are going to work together to promote their tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates. The Brazilian Tourism ...Dec 2007

Emirates arrives in Houston
Emirates claims that its new service is the fastest connection between Texas and the United Arab Emirates, with a 15-hour flight between Houston and Dubai ...Dec 2007

Greece Turkey’s partner in travel
Norway, Greece, Britain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt as well as the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and the Turkish Republic ...Dec 2007

ANALYSIS-Iran report raises Arab
The body is a loose political and economic alliance also comprising Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman -- all US allies with ...Dec 2007

Catholic United Arab Emirates
The KAI news agency reports that the number of Catholics in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is steadily growing. ...Dec 2007


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United Arab Emirates Travel news

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