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Checkin' Kiev: discovering Ukraine

Touristclick Ukraine Travel News

Checkin' Kiev: discovering Ukraine

by The Daily Yomiuri

A man from Yao, Osaka Prefecture, has been honored by the National Writers' Union of Ukraine for his dedication to cultural exchanges between Japan and Ukraine.

"I am very proud of the award, as it is the first time it has been given to a Japanese," said 37-year-old Motohiro Ono, president of the Japan Ukraine Cultural Exchange Association, who received the honor in October.

Ono authored "Ukuraina Marukajiri [All About Ukraine]" in 2006, a book that illustrates Ukrainian culture and history, and the lives of ordinary Ukrainian people, through stories of Ono's own experiences in the country. During a 12-month stay in 2005 and 2006, he visited all 25 Ukrainian states.

He has also organized a number of cultural exchange events in Ukraine and Japan.

"Japan is well-known among Ukrainians, far more than Japanese think. However, most Japanese are not familiar with the culture of Ukraine. I'd like to fill the gap by promoting cultural exchange activities," Ono said.


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Ukraine Travel news

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