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Turkey 'accessible for a weekend'

Touristclick Turkey Travel News

Turkey 'accessible for a weekend'

by the travel trade

he flight time from the UK to Turkey means it is possible for travellers to spend a weekend in the country, an investment adviser has claimed.

It is a viable option to travel to Turkey for a weekend break owing to the relatively short flight time from the UK, according to a spokesperson for BuyAssociation.

A representative for the investment advice company explained that, owing to the size of the country, flight time can depend on where travellers are flying to.

"You can do it in as little as four or four and a half hours to some areas," Paul Collins of BuyAssociation said.

"It's certainly accessible…accessible enough for a long weekend really."

Commenting on the current nature of the market for flights to Turkey, Mr Collins said that it was difficult for some low-cost carriers to offer services there, as airlines are obliged to provide food for passengers if a flight is longer than four and a half hours.

For that reason some low-fares airlines do not offer services to Turkey to avoid incurring the cost of having to provided food and refreshments.

Mr Collins went on to explain: "There are some in-between airlines that fly there, for instance Monarch and some of the charter airlines like Thomsonfly."

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