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Get Air Travel Tips From The Pros

Touristclick Turkey Travel News

Get Air Travel Tips From The Pros

by Leslie Carto

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  --  If you're traveling this holiday season, the pros agree there's one thing you must pack: a flexible attitude.

From searching for a cheap ticket to getting through security, being easy-going is key.

Self-proclaimed road warrior Bob Steinke knows in a world of long lines, restrictions and delayed flights, the holiday traveler could end up feeling like a turkey for trying Thanksgiving travel.

"Frustration is normal," Steinke said. "So you have to roll with the punches."

Besides a good attitude, Steinke recommends being on time, carrying on luggage (rather than checking it) and taking along a laptop to stay connected if something goes wrong.

But take hope if you're leaving out of Kansas City International Airport - your stress level may not have to go sky-high.

Rick Seaney, CEO of an online travel site, said airline expansion means there are about 2,000 more seats available out of KCI than last year.

"Kansas city is one of the better cities across the country - just tons more flights out of Kansas City," Seaney said. "You've got more options out of KC, more competition, great place to be departing."

Seaney shares travel tips on He gives advice like avoiding the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after, but he said there are some great places to to go for Turkey Day.

"Dallas is absolutely your best bet in the $100-range out of Kansas City," Seaney said.

Seaney said travelers can still snag affordable flights to Denver, Cleveland and Memphis, too. So affordable, in fact, it might be worth it to fly into one of those cheaper cities and drive a few hours to your final destination.

Denise Canon, owner of the Lenexa-based Travel Concepts, said you must plan ahead.

"When you don't plan ahead, you have to take what's left over, and you have to take the pricing that's tagged onto the leftover."

Canon helps travelers think beyond the airport, because once you get to your relatives' house, you might wish you'd booked a hotel room. She says booking rental cars, hotels rooms and flights together can be cost effective in most situations.

Now, if you're skipping a trip on Thanksgiving and dreaming of spending Spring Break on a beach... be warned. Travel experts say the run on Spring Break trips started in the summer.

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