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Tunisia: Tunisian Movie Nets

Touristclick Tunisia Travel News

Tunisia: Tunisian Movie Nets


A Tunisian film received the Jury's special prize at the 13th edition of the Rome- based "MedFilm Festival" which was held from November 8 to 17, in the Italian capital.

"Khochkhach" ( flower of forgetfulness), by filmmaker Selma Baccar which was officially selected at the festival's official competition, received the distinction, whereas the prize "tribute for a cinematographic career" was given to another Tunisian filmmaker, Ferid Boughedir whose long feature movies including 'Asfour Stah', 'Un été a la Goulette', and 'Camera d'Afrique', were respectively selected in Cannes and in Berlin.

Nouri Bouzid, the veteran of Tunisian cinema put in an appearance at the festival as his 'Making off' was presented to the public, off competition.

Moreover, retrospective glimpses of major Tunisian movies were also shown to the public.

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Ten countries took part in the event, which was launched in 1995 on the occasion of the Barcelona Declaration, as well as that of the 100 th anniversary of the birth of the cinema.

The festival aims to foster collaboration between neighbouring countries of both shores of the Mediterranean through a high-quality cinema. It also aims at promoting the foundations of social and humanistic relations between Euro-Mediterranean countries.

This year's festival was dedicated to the theme: "Intercultural dialogue between Euro-Mediterranean countries through cinema and audiovisual instrument". This year's edition also focused on the concept of family, especially as seen through the eyes of young people.


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