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Tunisia: Hammamet to Play Host to

Touristclick Tunisia Travel News

Tunisia: Hammamet to Play Host to


An international forum dubbed "ICT 4 all-Tunis2" will take place at the sea side resort of Hammamet on November 20 and 21, 2007.

Nine Arab, African and Asian ICT ministers from Tunisia , Syria , Mauritania , Cameroon , Mali , Burkina Faso , Gabon , Liberia , Rwanda , and Malaysia , are scheduled to take part in the Forum.

The forum which is organized by the Ministry of Communication Technologies in partnership with the Tunisian Union of industry, commerce and handicrafts, the UN Conference for Commerce and Development, the World Alliance of ICT's and the African Development Bank, will gather government representatives, regional and international organizations, as well as experts from 30 countries and some 500 participants from major ICT companies.

The Forum which is expected to thrash out issues related to the development of public/private partnership among countries of the South and especially in Africa, will also showcase the 'best practises' in the sector, as well as providing opportunities for ICT companies to present their products and operational procedures.

Observers note that the stress will be placed on the development opportunities of ICT's, as well as investment possibilities in Africa .

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On the other hand, this new edition of ICT 4 all -Tunis 2 Forum, will devote an exhibition space destined to local and international enterprises specializing in the ICT sector aimed at presenting innovating solutions and applications in the field.

Partnership projects, as well as the exchange of experience, will be offered to the governments, private and public companies, and businessmen taking part in the forum.

The first edition of the 'ICT 4 all Forum' was held during the Tunis WSIS in November 2005.


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