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Trinidad and Tobago Travel News
Take a time to explore our Trinidad and Tobago travel News section before you travel to Trinidad and Tobago

Touristclick Trinidad and Tobago Travel News

Essar assured of Trinidad
We believe there is no issue on supply of gas for the next 20 years, based on the contract signed with the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago,' ...Nov 2007

Trinidad and Tobago's Cruise Ship
Trinidad and Tobago’s Cruise ship Season started on November 8, 2007 with 1950 tourists arriving on the Oceana vessel, and another 1950 expected today on ...Nov 2007

Trinidad oil company
The island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean's largest oil and gas producer, exported an average 144000 barrels of oil a day in 2006, ...Nov 2007

33-mile gas pipeline for Tobago
The gas pipeline between Trinidad and Tobago will be used to power the T&TEC generating plant at Cove and will assist in the industrialisation process, ...Nov 2007

Record 744000 travel
A record 744000 people travelled between Tobago and Trinidad with the fast ferry service for the first ten months of this year. And Port Authority officials ...Nov 2007


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Trinidad and Tobagos Travel news

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