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Cross-border trade normal despite tension in Burma

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Cross-border trade normal despite tension in Burma

The Tourism and Sports Ministry yesterday issued a travel warning for those planning to go to Burma.

Foreign Trade Department director-general Apiradi Tantraporn said that political turmoil in Burma was occurring in limited areas of the major cities and should not affect bilateral trade with Thailand.

"The department is closely monitoring cross-border trade, particularly in Mae Sod district, Chiang Rai, which is next to Burma. The trading situation remains the same as before the rise of political tension in the country," she said.

The department reported that two-way trade between Thailand and Burma had risen 5.8 per cent to Bt61.9 billion in the first seven months of the year. Exports from the Kingdom increased 5.49 per cent to Bt14.49 billion, while imports from Burma grew 5.9 per cent to Bt47.4 billion.

Apiradi said the export of major goods had continued to rise as Burma has high demand for consumer goods from Thailand, whereas the major imports from Burma are natural gas and forestry products.

In a statement, the Export Import Bank of Thailand said it had closely monitored the situation to see if it would lead to a change in economic policies.

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