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Australian Travel Photographer of the Year Launches ...

Touristclick Thailand Travel news

Australian Travel Photographer of the Year Launches ...

Award-winning travel journalist and photographer Ewen Bell has expanded his range of exclusive photo tours with a new adventure in Thailand. Scheduled for January 2008, this tour will be the first of an annual journey through the Kingdom of Siam, traveling with a maximum group size of eight.

Anyone who has dreamt of learning how travel photographers capture their evocative images can now enjoy an adventure travel experience in Thailand that will take you up close to the people and culture that make such powerful images possible.

Guests on the Thailand photo tour will be taken into the remote hill tribes of northern Thailand, visit ancient capitals, and relax on the reefs off Thailand's southern islands. Highlights of the itinerary include the temples of Chiang Mai, traditional floating markets in Bangkok, rural hill tribe villages, the ancient city of Ayutthaya, and the stunning beaches of Krabi. This is a comfortable but adventurous introduction to Thailand, perfect for the photographer and non-photographer alike.

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Thailand Travel news

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