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Six die in two gas blasts in Tajikistan

Touristclick Tajikistan Travel News

Six die in two gas blasts in Tajikistan

by Reuters

At least six people including a baby died in two separate gas blasts on Thursday in the Central Asian state of Tajikistan, police said.

The blasts were unrelated and were caused by safety violations, police said.

The first explosion, in the capital Dushanbe, flattened part of an apartment building and killed two people, one of whom was an Iranian citizen.

"Violation of gas safety rules is the most likely cause," said Nazarboi Zhangiyev, a police fire department official.

The other blast, at a sawmill in the north of the mountainous nation, killed two workers and a woman with a baby who were passing by, the emergencies ministry said.

Accidents involving gas happen often across the former Soviet bloc where countries are still struggling to upgrade ageing infrastructure and raise safety standards. (Reporting by Roman Kozhevnikov; Writing by Maria Golovnina)

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