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Syria Travel News
Take a time to explore our Syria travel News section before you travel to Syria

Touristclick Syria Travel News

Syria and the illusion of pursuing
He never fails to repeat the message that the success of his peace program does not depend on Syria, Lebanon, Iran or Hamas and insists on excluding these ...Nov 2007

Bush urges Lebanon vote without Syria
The Bush administration has repeatedly accused Syria of meddling in Lebanon and of trying to destabilize its neighbor. Syria, which withdrew from Lebanon in ...Nov 2007

Solana says he hopes Syria will
By AP EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Tuesday he hoped Syria would attend a US-sponsored conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ...Nov 2007

Oman Air appoints Syria sales agent
National flag carrier Oman Air has appointed Julia Dumna as its General Sales Agent (GSA) in Syria. The move, according to Abdulrazaq Alraisi, ...Nov 2007

Israel Hopes to Resume Talks With Syria
Israel hopes a resumption of talks with Syria would moderate the bitter foe and win Damascus over in the regional effort to counter Iran's fundamentalist ...Nov 2007



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Syria Travel news

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