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Suriname Travel News
Take a time to explore our Suriname travel News section before you travel to Suriname

Touristclick Suriname Travel News

Suriname aiming to become
The banana industry in Suriname is aiming at the number one spot as the region’s largest banana producer an official ...Dec 2007

Suriname among the largest
The banana industry in Suriname is aiming for the number one spot as the region's largest producer. Manager of the Foundation for Preservation of the ...
Dec 2007

Striking bus owners in Suriname
By Ivan Cairo PARAMARIBO, Suriname: Disgruntled bus owners in Suriname have suspended a strike that had paralysed public transportation for over a week. ...
Dec 2007

Suriname police detain
By Ivan Cairo PARAMARIBO, Suriname: Police in Suriname say they have arrested and detained several Guyanese fishermen, including a Surinamese national, ...Dec 2007

Digicel launches in Suriname
A group of potential subscribers queue outside a Digicel store in Paramaribo, Suriname on November 30 as the mobile company opens for business in the South ...Dec 2007


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Suriname Travel news

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