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Rights NGO hold Sudan

Touristclick Sudan Travel News

Rights NGO hold Sudan

by Sudan Tribune

SHRO expresses the gravest concerns for the deteriorating medical condition of’ the deputy chairperson of the Democratic Unionist Party ‘Ali Mahmoud Hassanain and the leader of the Umma Party (reformation and renewal) Mubarak al-Fadil al-Mahdi who went in hunger strike for eleven (11) days in protest of lawless detention and the lacking of medical attention. The two political leaders have been kept in custody with other civilian and military opponents for more than four months under security allegations of engagement in a conspiracy against the ruling regime, without charge or trial.

The Organization is particularly concerned for the lacking of medical attention to Hasanain who suffers from intestinal problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure, as well as Mubarak who needs urgent attention to his heart disorder.

The Sudan Human Rights Organization Cairo Office believes that the arrest of these citizens constituted a gross violation of the Interim Constitution and the international norms that ascertain the right of citizens to exercise civil and political freedoms without security intimidation or unlawful detention.
SHRO-Cairo repeats earlier calls on the Authority to release all political or military detainees immediately from detention. The authorities must provide full protection to the right to enjoy constitutional and international rights and freedoms, including the right to receive lawful charges, legal consultation, full medical attention, and a fair and just trial according to law.

SHRO holds firmly the Sudan Government’s top security officials: the President, the Minister of Justice Attorney General, the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Defense, and the Head of State Security Department fully responsible, by law, for the dangerously deteriorating condition of the detainees.

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