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Minister of Culture and Listed Senegal

Touristclick Senegal Travel News

Minister of Culture and Listed Senegal

by Mathaba.Net

Senegal's Minister of Culture and Listed Historic Heritage Pirame Diouf and his accompanying delegation arrived in Libya to participate in the 5th Conference for Culture Ministers of Islamic States set to held in Libya on 21-23 November.

He was greeted at Tripoli International Airport by the Secretary of the GPC(General People's Committee) for Culture and Information and several Coordinators of the Social Popular Leaderships of Tripoli and Jafara Shabias.

The Senegalese Minister emphasized the depth of relations between the two countries and their common aspiration for the pride progress and unity of the African continent by virtue of the efforts of the Leader of the Revolution and his brother Abdoulaya Wade.

In a statement to Jana reporter he said I would like to offer my gratitude for the warm reception which reflects the good relations that link Senegal and the Libya and also reflects the cordial and distinct relations that tie the leader Muammer Algathafi and President Abdoulaya Wade and the struggle for African issues to establish the United States of Africa that unite them.

It is a great honor to be here and participate in this conference carrying a message of love from the people of Senegal to the Libyan people.

The Senegalese Minister emphasized that the conference will be a good opportunity to meet with Islamic states and underline the importance of our religion and our commitment towards our Islamic people.

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