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FARMS project blooms in Senegal

Touristclick Senegal Travel News

FARMS project blooms in Senegal

by Mission Network NEws

thirty acre piece of farmland has been transformed outside Rufisque, Senegal.

FARMS International helped provide funding to install an irrigation system in the thirty acre area. The money also covered initial planting costs, including seeds, fertilizers and labor.

The dedicated Christians who work the land by hand grow okra, carrots, peppers and cabbage. They have even built a few outbuildings as well. The irrigation has been a real blessing because the rain patterns are inconsistent in the rainy season and non-existent in the dry season.

More tracts of land in the area are being considered for development, and FARMS has a vision to build a school, offer medical outreach and an overall expansion of churches. Some of this vision is being realized, thanks to the tithes and offerings of an appreciative group of Christians in the area.

The project outside Rufisque benefits more than just the holder of the property. It has created jobs through the labor of the land, harvest, and bringing of the crop to market. The success of the project is a tangible testimony to others in the community.

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