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Saudi Arabia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Saudi Arabia travel News section before you travel to Saudi Arabia

Touristclick Saudi Arabia Travel News

Saudi Arabia falls short of billing
Conservative Saudi Arabia, the host of the Third OPEC Summit, took the unusual step of putting itself under the spotlight of media from around the world ...Nov 2007

Saudi Arabia to reduce diesel
Saudi Arabia is expected to keep term jet fuel exports steady at one million tonnes. Saudi Aramco did not issue a tender to sell term middle distillates ...Nov 2007

After hitting high in Saudi Arabia
November 13 BACK from an action-packed and thrilling experience in Saudi Arabia, the three players from Chandigarh, who are members of the India ...Nov 2007

saudi arabian airlines chooses
Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudi Arabia’s national airline, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (mou) for 22 Airbus A320 aircrafts as part of the fleet ...Nov 2007

Saudi Arabia-based co to set up
Saudi Arabia-based Al Batterjee Group will set up a new plant in India at an estimated cost of 25 million dollar to ...Nov 2007


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Saudi Arabia Travel news

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