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American Samoa Labor

Touristclick Samoa Travel News

American Samoa Labor

by pacific

The final phase of the federally funded “American Samoa Labor Pool Study” is underway in Hawai’i with the final report expected to be submitted to the Territorial government before the end of this year.

The University of Hawai’i’s Pacific Business Center Program (PBCP) was contracted by the territorial government to carry out the survey. The project Manager is Papali’i Dr. Tusi Avegalio, who is also the PBCP director.

Phase one of the survey was held in American Samoa and Samoa in July this year. Individuals were asked to fill out survey forms and be interviewed by the UH survey team. There were also focus group discussions.

Also included in phase one was a telephone survey over five days in September. Papali’i said the survey team wanted to reach out to those at home, as they could be a great source of workers.

Papali’i said the survey also covered military retirees and their dependents living in American Samoa because they are also a potential labor source.

The final phase, which is now underway, is a telephone survey of the Samoan community in Hawai’i. Papali’i expects to have this completed by Dec. 7 and data will then be analyzed and entered into the database.

There will be, however, no focus group discussions in Honolulu, said Papali’i, adding that the team believes sufficient data has been gathered so far.

Once the Hawai’i phone survey is done all of the data will be incorporated together with the final report to be ready a few days before Christmas.

“Right now we are right on track with the study,” said Papali’i in a telephone interview from Honolulu. “We are looking at officially presenting the survey on December 28th to the territory government.”

Papali’i said the university professors involved in this team are confident the information obtained from the multiple methods used in the survey will provide solid information.

The UH professors in the team are Bob Doktor, Luchion Menerpi and Luafataalii Sailimanu E. Lilomaiava-Doktor.

Results of the survey will be provided to new investors or businesses, especially call centers, looking at establishing operations in American Samoa.


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