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St. Helena taking sewerage survey

Touristclick Saint Helena Travel News

St. Helena taking sewerage survey

By 2TheAdvocate

Some St. Helena Parish residents can expect a visit from a survey-taker sometime this month, parish engineering consultants said.

Survey-takers will be gathering information about residents’ wastewater treatment systems, as part of a multiyear federal grant program, the consultants said.

Morgan Watson, president of MEL Inc., the consulting engineering firm on the project, said the grant programs will eventually result in construction documents for new sewage treatment systems across the parish.

The grants have come under the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restoration Program and are aimed at improving water quality in the watershed that feeds Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas, Watson said.

He said six areas have been identified for the grant program: the Montpelier and Pine Grove areas, the Self Quarters, Dennis Mills, the McDaniel Road area, the Leonard Chapel Road area and the outskirts of Greensburg.

Watson said preliminary information shows that many homes will need individual systems because houses are so spread out that a community system would not be cost-effective.

One exception is the outer areas of Greensburg, which has the parish’s only municipal treatment system, Watson said.

Watson and Scott Galmon, a MEL Inc. employee who spoke to the parish Police Jury about the survey last week, said residents in those areas will likely be hooked up to the municipal system.

But Watson said the Greensburg municipal system will need upgrades to handle the additional load.
The parish has received $356,000 since 2004 for the program through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Watson said.

He said, however, that the grants do not pay for building systems, but only to take the project to the point of construction documents. Construction would have to use future funding, he said.

Watson said he expects the surveying to continue through the end of the month. Six survey takers started last week, Galmon told the Police Jury.

The surveys are part of the preliminary design
phase, which is expected to last until March. The work should allow engineers to see population densities and lay out treatment systems that work best in a given area, Watson said.


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