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Publication of the St Helena

Touristclick Saint Helena Travel News

Publication of the St Helena


The SDP is the Government’s flagship policy document looking out to 2010 and will guide Departments on how they contribute to the realisation of the Vision for St Helena - ‘A prosperous, peaceful and democratic society for all achieved through sustainable economic,
environmental, and social development leading to a healthy and eventually financially independent St Helena.’

The SDP will be closely followed by all government departments and progress will be monitored by a committee, which will comprise both public and private sector representatives and is to be chaired by the Chief Secretary.

Importantly, the SDP has been the subject of wide consultation and the final document takes account of suggestions and comments from stakeholders including members of the public. As a result it should be seen as an Island-owned document, which has the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development.

As the first step in ensuring the public becomes familiar with the plan, the St Helena Government has produced a four page summary sheet, which provides a useful overview of what is a substantial document.

Copies of the SDP and summary sheet can be viewed at the Public Library in Jamestown or collected from Reception at the Office of the Chief Secretary, The Castle.


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