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Prisoner escapes St. Helena jail

Touristclick Saint Helena Travel News

Prisoner escapes St. Helena jail


Authorities in Louisiana say a 19-year-old Oklahoma man has escaped from jail.

Saint Helena Parish sheriff's deputies say Jacob Benson of Tulsa escaped from parish jail in Greensburg last week.

Sheriff Nathaniel Williams says Benson "made a run for it" by using an outside laundry sorting table to get onto the roof of a one-story laundry room building.

Williams says Benson then used the laundry building's flat roof to get a running start and jump onto and climb the jail's razor wire fence.

Deputies tracked Benson through downtown Greensburg but lost him in a wooded, swampy area.

Benson who was being held on a Texas warrant for taking his grandmother's vehicle without permission. He is not considered armed or dangerous and does not have a criminal history.

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