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Russia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Russia travel News section before you travel to Russia

Touristclick Russia Travel News

Tourism chiefs to tout Russia's regions‎

Another deputy head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Gennady Pilipenko, last month told an international travel exhibition in London: "Every educated . ... 28 Dec 2009

Active Travel in Russia
Active travel in Russia is a ticket from weekdays to an adventure and an opportunity to have a bright journey one would remember again and again.

Russia, a bread and butter
Today, Russia finds herself in a peculiar position with regard to fashion design. A rich history filled with art, costume and culture sits behind a blank ... Nov 2007

Revs Up Auto Race to Russia
Amid weak demand in their home markets, Western car makers are flocking to build cars in Russia. The latest entrant: Germany's Volkswagen AG. ...Nov 2007

New Russia-Ukraine
A fresh gas price dispute is brewing between Ukraine and Russia, raising the risk that Russian exports of the fuel to western Europe may be affected. ...Nov 2007

Russia's military chief
Russia's military chief on Wednesday called Washington's offer of cooperation on missile defense a smoke screen for the ...Nov 2007

US and Russia face
A dispute between the United States and Russia over election monitoring threatens to overshadow a meeting of Europe's main ...Nov 2007...


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Russia Travel news

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