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Romania's extremists fail

Touristclick Romania Travel News

Romania's extremists fail

by Courrier International

Romania's extremists fail to get into the European Parliament
The extremists weren't successful in Romania's European Parliament elections, Mircea Marian notes with relief.

The nationalist-extremist Greater Romania Party (PRM) and the ultra-conservative Party of the New Generations (PNG) failed to win the five percent necessary for entry into parliament. "Does this mean the end of extremism in Romania? It's clear that nationalist-extremist groups have a voter base here, but this time round the Greater Romania Party (PRM) and the Party of the New Generations (PNG) had to share their voters, and as a result neither got into the European Parliament. ... Within Romania the situation is somewhat more complicated, because if neither of these parties gets into the parliament in the 2008 elections there could be problems. Extremist forces need a vent, and the best place to keep them under control is the parliament. Otherwise we'll have extremists on the streets or in the stadiums.

They'll attack the Roma, set houses on fire or persecute the homosexuals."


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