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Glavine, Braves, Unholy Reunion

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Glavine, Braves, Unholy Reunion

by Amazin' Avenue

Tom Glavine's agent, Gregg Clifton, has intimated that a deal with the Braves could be completed as soon as today. The agreement, said to be in the neighborhood of $8 million for one year, might be announced today or possibly Monday.

As I mentioned the other day, though the Mets have yet to offer Glavine arbitration, if he signs with the Braves before December 1st then the Mets will likely be awarded the Braves' first round pick in next June's draft (#18 overall). I say "likely" because the Braves could still sign another Type A free agent who is ranked even higher than Glavine. In such a case, the other player's former team would get the Braves' first rounder and the Mets would get their second rounder instead.

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