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Palestinian Territory Travel News
Take a time to explore our Palestinian Territory travel News section before you travel to Palestinian Territory

Touristclick Palestinian Territory Travel News

Gaza Strip facing Palestinian
populated territory, fuel cuts, and restrictions on patients trying to leave the Gaza Strip for treatment are all aimed at forcing the Palestinian ...Nov 2007

Bogged down by politics, Palestinian
ITZKOVICH Although Palestinian and Israeli doctors and World Health Organization officials in the territories had intended to find practical ...Nov 2007

Palestinian rapper Belly
Known as an ambassador of peace in his home territory of Ottawa, Canada, Belly focuses his rhymes on bringing people of all races and religions together and ...Nov 2007

Palestinian factions shell Israeli territory
Various Palestinian factions on Monday morning claimed responsibility for firing a number of homemade shells at Israeli territory from the northern Gaza ...Nov 2007

301 Palestinian Children Killed
documented the killing of 301 Palestinian children as a direct result of Israeli military activity in the Palestinian territory, bringing the ...Nov 2007

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Palestinian Territory Travel news

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