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Gaza Strip facing Palestinian

Touristclick Palestinian Territory Travel News

Gaza Strip facing Palestinian

by Tehran Times

Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, has described the situation in the Gaza Strip extremely grave and warned of a human catastrophe.

The continued siege of the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime with a support from the United States has exacerbated the situation, said Ahmad Bahr in a telephone interview with the Mehr News Agency.

The senior MP stated that the brutal blockade of the highly populated territory, fuel cuts, and restrictions on patients trying to leave the Gaza Strip for treatment are all aimed at forcing the Palestinian nation to surrender.

Bahr also believed that the Annapolis Conference added insult to injury.

The World Health Organization voiced alarm on Monday about the health consequences of the ""intolerable"" isolation of the Gaza Strip, sealed off by Israel after Hamas seized control six months ago.

The Zionist regime should be held accountable for the disastrous consequences of its savage action, the senior Palestinian legislator underlined.

Despite all these pressures Palestinian people will continue their resistance against the occupying regime, he noted.

The official insisted that Palestinians expect the Islamic and Arab states, human rights organizations, the Arab League, and Organization of the Islamic Conference would not be indifferent toward the miseries of people in the Gaza Strip.

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