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Isechal says negative Palau

Touristclick Palau Travel News

Isechal says negative Palau

by Marianas Variety

Delegate Jonathan Isechal urged the House Committee on Foreign Affairs chaired by Flavian Carlos to look into the negative publicity in which Palau was incorrectly labeled as one of the countries to work.

The Guam-based Pacific Daily News quoted Associated Press reports on Nov. 21 that Palau is among 15 countries labeled as dangerous for diplomats "as purported by the U. S. State Department."

"Perhaps it is a misstatement but I foresee a great negative impact that it can inflict on Palau’s economy that solely relies on tourism," Isechal said.

He said that he is deeply concern that this issue can hamper the Compact of Free Association negotiation with the United States.

A meeting between representatives of the two countries is set this coming January for an early review of the COFA.

Isechal said that this matter is of great concern, thus, he requested the House Committee on foreign affairs to investigate the real cause of this negative publicity.

The AP report that came out in PDN said that "the US State Department begun looking for diplomats willing to take hundreds of unfilled positions at embassies and consulates in 15 dangerous countries after finding enough volunteers to avoid forcing to go to Iraq."

Also included among the so-called hardship countries for diplomats are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory coast, Lebanon, Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sudan and Yemen.

The US Embassy in Palau issued a statement on Monday Nov. 26 saying that AP report incorrectly included Palau in the list.


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