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Pakistan Travel News
Take a time to explore our Pakistan travel News section before you travel to Pakistan

Touristclick Pakistan Travel News

Travel agents to stop airline ticket sales from 16th
By Muhammad Yasir KARACHI: Travel agents would stop selling tickets of top airliners if downward revision of profit margins on ticket sales is not reversed ...

Crises putting strain on Pakistan
Pakistan's army has stood solidly behind Pervez Musharraf since the general took power eight years ago, but the crisis engulfing the nation has ...Nov 2007

Pakistan refinery accord signed
ISLAMABAD: Abu Dhabi signed an implementation agreement yesterday to build a $5 billion refinery that will double Pakistan's refining capacity. ...Nov 2007

Democracy a must for Pakistan
Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says Australia is more concerned with the restoration of democracy in Pakistan than with who should be leading the ...Nov 2007

Khan warns Bush on rise of Pakistan
IMRAN Khan, who is on the run from the military government of Pakistan, warned last night that the country was threatened with an Iran-style takeover by ...Nov 2007

Bush calls for end to Pakistan emergency
US President George W. Bush says he hopes Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf will end a state of emergency and hold elections soon while remaining a staunch ally ...Nov 2007



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Pakistan Travel news

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