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North Korea Travel News
Take a time to explore our North Korea travel News section before you travel to North Korea

Touristclick North Korea Travel News

Promoting Human Rights in North Korea
With North Korea," he said, "there is so much attention paid to nuclear issue that often human rights gets only a passing mention. ...Nov 2007

North Korea Thanks US for Helping
9 (Bloomberg) -- North Korea thanked the US Navy for assisting one of its cargo ships hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia last month and said the ...Nov 2007

North Korea opens up its mountain
SEOUL - North Korea said this week it will allow a South Korean business group to start sightseeing tours of a scenic mountain on its border with China next ...Nov 2007

North Korea's nuclear programmes
AFTER 15 years of trying, the effort to prise North Korea out of the bomb-making business has just got encouragingly technical. A team of experts, ...Nov 2007

North Korea Hits Lee Hoi-chang as Fanatic
By Yoon Won-sup North Korea's state-run newspaper criticized Thursday the run for the presidency by Lee Hoi-chang, former chairman of the Grand National ...Nov 2007













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North Korea Travel news

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