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New Nauru President

Touristclick Nauru Travel News

New Nauru President

by Radio New Zealand International

The newly appointed president of Nauru, Marcus Stephen, has reaffirmed his government’s support for Taiwan, ahead of scheduled discussions with its President.

Mr Stephen says he will reinforce Nauru’s total commitment to Taiwan when he speaks to Taiwan’s President, Chen Shui-bian later this week.

He says Nauru is often referred to as the smallest republic, but it nevertheless has a strong voice and a valuable vote in the United Nations.

He says Nauru will continue to be a strong advocate for Taiwan and will vote in support of Taiwan’s cause.

Mr Stephen also urged other Pacific countries to either reinforce their support for Taiwan, or to open up a greater dialogue with that country to further cement regional unity.

The President also says he was pleased the new government in Solomon Islands has indicated very early that it intends to continue its support for Taiwan.


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