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Namibia Travel News
Take a time to explore our Namibia travel News section before you travel to Namibia

Touristclick NamibiaTravel News

Namibia: Fish Cuisine for Omaheke
Although Namibia is endowed with many fish species, a few people eat fish as shown by the high number of gout sufferers in the country. ...Nov 2007

Namibia: RDP Leaders
Uutoni said all the development activities currently visible in Namibia were brought about by the Swapo-led government and not by its detractors like Phil ...Nov 2007

The Scientology Volunteer Namibia
After more than 20 years of strife, Namibia won its independence from South Africa in 1990 and looked forward to a better future for its people. ...Nov 2007

Morocco ties with France Namibia
In other news, Tunisia beat Namibia 2-0 on Saturday in Rades, in a friendly warm-up ahead of the 2008 Ghana finals. Tunisia will face Austria on November ...Nov 2007

New Namibian political party
AP WINDHOEK, Namibia: Former members of Namibia's ruling party have launched a new political movement, hoping to tap into support of young people in the ...Nov 2007


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Namibia Travel news

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