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Mozambique: Portuguese

Touristclick Mozambique Travel News

Mozambique: Portuguese


The chairperson of the Portuguese parliament, Jaime Gama, said on Thursday that his institution wants stronger political and institutional ties with its Mozambican counterpart, the Assembly of the Republic, to enhance friendship between the two countries.

Gama was speaking in Maputo, after a courtesy meeting with the Mozambican Minister in the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs, Isabel Nkavandeca.

"We believe that we can improve the future of political and institutional relations in this area and enhance friendship between the two countries", said Gama, on the second day of his visit to Mozambique.

He recalled that cooperation between the two institutions has a long history, and visits of Mozambican parliamentarians to Portugal have helped bring the two legislative bodies closer.

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A Mozambican parliamentary mission is to visit Portugal in December to take part in debates on the future of the partnership between Africa and Europe.

For her part, Nkavandeca said "We wanted to know about the legislative process in the Portuguese parliament, and about their willingness to help ours in every aspect".

During this visit, the Portuguese delegation will visit projects financed by Lisbon in the northern province of Cabo Delgado province, to assess progress in implementation.

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Mozambique Travel news

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