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Emirates could fly to Mongolia

Touristclick Mongolia Travel News

Emirates could fly to Mongolia

by Gulf News

Emirates may begin flying to such remote outposts as Ulan Bator and Yangon if the UAE government's bilateral discussions are any indication.

A senior government official said the UAE is planning talks with Mongolia and Myanmar to forge first-ever air accords, and will also meet with other countries to strengthen existing partnerships.

Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Governmental Sector Development, said, "We almost cover the whole world, and are only left with certain countries including Mongolia and Myanmar.

"We also are looking at enhancing our flights to a number of countries for regional routes such as Saudi Arabia, India."

Al Mansouri expressed dismay at the UAE's lack of success in gaining further rights in Canada.

Currently Etihad Airways and Emirates fly three times a week to Toronto.

"We did not succeed in increasing the number of Emirates flights to Canada, but we will give it another try," he said. "It depends on the Canadians, we are ready for them."

A new round of talks with the European Union is also slated this year to update existing air rights.

"There has been a change with the bilaterals with the Europeans and we are updating these kinds of agreements," he said.



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