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MongoliaTravel News
Take a time to explore our Mongolia travel News section before you travel to Mongolia

Touristclick Mongolia Travel News

Centerra Gold official says Mongolia
Currently, a windfall tax provides 68 percent of profits on gold sales above $500 an ounce to Mongolia, Kovarsky said. Centerra is also operator of the ...Nov 2007

Emirates could fly to Mongolia
A senior government official said the UAE is planning talks with Mongolia and Myanmar to forge first-ever air accords, and will also meet with other ...Nov 2007

Mongolia urges UN to create
Mongolia has introduced a measure at the United Nations to have each October 15 recognized as the International Day of Rural Women. ...Nov 2007

Mongolia to attend Tumangan
Mongolia will be represented at the ninth session of the Advisory Commission of the UN administered Tumangan Initiative. The meeting will be held November ...Nov 2007

Mongolia's Hakuho picks
Mongolian grand champion Hakuho overwhelmed Homasho on Monday to pick up his first win at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament. ...Nov 2007




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Mongolia Travel news

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