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Moldova nearly doubles

Touristclick Moldova Travel News

Moldova nearly doubles

by Tiraspol Times & Weekly Review

Nearly doubling its current troop presence in the occupation of Iraq, Moldova's government has announced that it is increasing from 11 to 20 the sixth group of soldiers that it is sending to the troubled country.

On November 28 the government of Moldova announced a new tour of duty for an increased number of Moldovan soldiers in Iraq, in order to continue to take part in the American-led opposition for a period of a further six months.

Moldovan participation in Iraq has been welcomed by the United States in order to give a broad-based international veneer to the U.S.-led coalition of occupied forces.

" - Moldova’s contributions to Operation Iraqi Freedom have been significant," says SPC Claude Flowers of the United States Central Command (Centcom).

American troops make up close to 95% of all foreign soldiers in Iraq. Apart from Moldova, other countries which continue to maintain a steadfast supply soldiers for the war include Latvia, Albania and the Republic of Georgia.

U.S. arms supplies to Moldova
In return for their loyalty, Moldova's national army is being armed by the American military with new equipment that will help it launch a new war against Transdniestria (officially, Pridnestrovie). In 1992, Moldova attempted to take control of Transdniestria but the attack failed in part due to the low quality of its outdated Soviet-era military hardware.

Today, the United States is actively equipping Moldova with "high-quality equipment, the latest equipment" for winning what some now fear could be a future war against Transdniestria.

" - Thanks to the United States’ assistance, our troops - particularly those who deal with explosives - have high-quality equipment, the latest equipment," says Alexei Carasiov, a ranking Moldovan officer. "We have it in our hands," he confirms.

Moldovan Army Lt. Col. Alexei Carasiov has served in the Civil-Military Affairs Directorate of Multi-National Corps-Iraq, and currently works as Moldova's Senior National Representative (ranking officer) at U.S. Central Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base.

Starting in 2003, Moldova has participated in the Iraq occupation with a total of five military groups. Currently, sappers and General Staff officers from Moldova are in Iraq.


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