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Declaration by Moldovan

Touristclick Moldova Travel News

Declaration by Moldovan

by Moldpress, Moldova

I would like to express content about meeting you again in this hospitable city and to thank the hosts for the good organisation of our reunion.

My delegation aligned with the declaration made by Portugal on behalf of the European Union (EU), and in national capacity, I shall state the following:

Despite its merits during those over 30 years of activity, lately, the OSCE has been confronting with serious difficulties generated by the process of institutional transformation to cope with new challenges and objectives.

The unsettled conflicts in the post-Soviet area are one of the most serious threats to our states' security. Under circumstances of deep changes on the European continent, the OSCE can prove its viability by contributing effectively to solving the "frozen" conflicts on the basis of respect for the principle of the states' sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The fulfilment of the pertinent commitments assumed within the Organisation is also an indispensable condition in this respect. Against the background of the decrease of risks of military confrontations in the OSCE area, one cannot understand the persistence of positions regarding the "freezing" of conflict settlement processes, in particular, of the Transnistrian conflict.


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