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smartcity 'will raise Malta's

Touristclick Malta Travel News

smartcity 'will raise Malta's

by Times of Malta

The setting up of SmartCity Malta will enhance the country's international profile in the ICT sector, Fareed Abdulrahman, Executive Director of the SmartCity brand worldwide, told a business conference at Hilton Malta.

"SmartCity Malta will create the ideal infrastructure, support systems, environment and lifestyle for ICT and the people working in the industry," he said.

The conference, ‘Working Smart in a Globalised World - SmartCity and Participation in ICT Business', was organised by the Economic and Management Consultancy Services Limited for advisers or suppliers to the ICT industry to understand better the opportunities offered by SmartCity Malta.

"The vision of SmartCity is to be the preferred business park provider for a global network of self-sustained townships to facilitate the creation of knowledge-based industries," said Mr Abdulrahman. "SmartCity Malta fits perfectly in Tecom Investments' global ICT strategy and it is an important hub to have in the Mediterranean region and to link the SmartCity concept with the rest of Europe.

"We are also confident that SmartCity Malta is a win-win for Malta to provide a unique value offering for ICT companies to invest; develop competences in niche ICT sectors; and be a near-shore centre for Europe."

He said that despite its weaknesses, such as the limited domestic market, low economies of scale and small local talent pool, Malta has strengthened its position by capitalising on its resources and value added, which include multilingual and qualified knowledge workers; EU membership; cost-effectiveness when compared to European standards; a government committed to ICT; social and economic stability; a safe and secure environment.

Elaborating on the infrastructure of SmartCity Malta, Mr Abdulrahman said the township will include intelligent buildings; ready-to-operate fully serviced office space; state-of-the-art ICT and urban infrastructure; high speed internet connections; data centres and properties available on long lease for customised facilities.

It will also put into practice the one-stop-shop concept, providing support services to help companies focus on their success, like government services; facilities management; hospitality; advertising; banking facilities and travel services.


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