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Malta Travel News
Take a time to explore our Malta travel News section before you travel to Malta

Touristclick Malta Travel News

Malta ranked 34th in human
Malta is in 34th place. The HDI assesses the state of human development through life expectancy, adult literacy and school enrolment at the primary, ...Nov 2007

Gatt sees Malta getting
It was a unique economic opportunity which would catalyse the change in Malta's economic base to one where services would be its backbone, Industry and IT ...Nov 2007

smartcity 'will raise Malta's
The setting up of smartcity Malta will enhance the country's international profile in the ICT sector, Fareed Abdulrahman, Executive Director of the ...Nov 2007

Malta and international
Opposition leader Alfred Sant has again refused to take part in a debate on Xarabank in a new boycott of the TV discussion programme. ...Nov 2007

Fireworks claiming lives in Malta
The paper is outraged by the frequency of deadly fireworks incidents in Malta. "Last week's umpteenth fireworks factory explosion [November 15th, ...Nov 2007


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Malta Travel news

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