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Fireworks claiming lives in Malta

Touristclick Malta Travel News

Fireworks claiming lives in Malta

by Courrier International

The paper is outraged by the frequency of deadly fireworks incidents in Malta.

"Last week's umpteenth fireworks factory explosion [November 15th, in Zurrieq], which cost the life of one man and left another in a critical condition, is as clear an example as one can get of our remarkable tendency to keep ducking our responsibilities towards the health and safety of the general public. In fact, the situation regarding pyrotechnics is clearly going from bad to worse.

The statistical incidence of fatal fireworks accidents in recent times ? six deaths in the past six months alone ? appears to indicate that safety standards at fireworks factories have deteriorated over time, instead of improving as one would have every reason to expect.

This is itself an indictment of the pyrotechnics situation in Malta ? which should by rights be considered unacceptable in any serious EU member state."


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