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Virgin Blue (DJ) now joins Malaysia Airlines, Enrich Loyalty ...

Touristclick Malaysia Travel news

Virgin Blue (DJ) now joins Malaysia Airlines, Enrich Loyalty ...
Enrich loyalty members can earn and redeem on Virgin Blue (DJ) flights within Australia.

Malaysia Airlines, Enrich Loyalty programme and Virgin Blue partnership will continue to enhance travel benefits to our members.

Virgin Blue flies to 22 cities within Australia including mainland capital cities. Malaysia Airlines will continue to work closely with Virgin Blue to offer more destinations within their network.

In addition, Velocity members can also earn and redeem on Malaysia Airlines. Your client can now enjoy more benefits when flying Malaysia Airlines to over 100 destinations worldwide. With more partners joining Enrich Loyalty programme, your client can earn faster and fly faster on our partner carriers.

What’s more, visit our website and it is free to join Malaysia Airlines, Enrich Loyalty programme.

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