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Malawi crowned Queens

Touristclick Malawir Travel News

Malawi crowned Queens

by Nyasa Times

Malawi claimed fifth place in the Netball World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand after a 52-49 victory over South Africa effectively displacing them on the world-ranking list.

Malawi came to the tournament without a ranking and is now fifth in the world and South Africa dropped to position sixth.

"It was like a do or die because they (South Africa) wanted to prove that they were ahead of us but we wanted to tell them, no, we are ahead of you," Malawi captain Peace Chawinga told New Zealand Herald.

Malawi are now reigning Queens of the African continent and on world listings are only below four teams out of the continent which include Australia who beat New Zealand in the finals, England and Jamaica.

South Africa captain Bronwyn Bock –Jonathan expressed disappointment over the upstaging by Malawi on ranking list.

"Obviously we're very disappointed. This obviously has implications for the next World Champions, depending on the format," Bock-Jonathan said.

Khumbo Kachali, sports minister who has been following the Queens at the championship was petrified.

"I believe one day we will host the world championships in Africa and before that take the trophy home," said Kachali. "We're doing our best to make sure that happens."

The minister said government made "a big commitment" for the squad to compete in the championship.

"My government had made a big commitment to come to this event. You can imagine what we have spent on it. It was a 28-hour flight to get to New Zealand. But we think it is important that the people back home see the team play here," he told the Sunday Star-Times

The minister said games would be screened on Malawi’s only television.

Veteran Mary Waya who emerged as the darling of New Zealand media was again on focus after her scintillating performance.

Even the South African coach registered high praise on her.

"Mother Mary, nothing upsets her, she just goes on and on," Burta de Kock said.

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Please enter the code you see in the image:Image: Code: Posted by llamar, 18 November, 2007 12:59:51
I luv u my queens. let Malawi rule. Ladies u have done us proud indeed! I would seriously wish more sponsors emerged. Keep it up queens. We are here for u.

Posted by amalawi, 18 November, 2007 12:31:54
congratulations ladies and well done. i followed every minute of the tournament, it was tough but u did your best. not only are you the reigning netball queens on the african continent, u are number 5 on the global level, that's no mean achievement. thanks to everyone of u for the dedication and committment and above all for putting our country on the map. it's high time our govt and sports administrators started giving the queens the support they deserve. love you all and Mwaaaaaaaaa to u!!!

Posted by People Power, 18 November, 2007 12:31:54
I wonder how our haples Flames cannot emulate their sisters. BIG UP TO THE QUEENS! but frankly I would have been happier if it were the Flames performing such wonders. They say it was a World Cup, but most of us were not even aware of it. Compare that with the global hype that comes with the FIFA World Cup...and imagine if the Flames were there.

Posted by Mwenegamba, 17 November, 2007 16:02:20
Congratulations to the Malawi Queens. You have made us walk tall in the world of sports, I hope the Flames will emulate your good example. A Bingu give these ladies more support financially, they are dreaming in colour.

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