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Libya Travel News
Take a time to explore our Libya travel News section before you travel to Libya

Touristclick Libya Travel News

Mum flies to Libya to reclaim daughter
A WIGAN mother has flown to Libya in a bid to reclaim her kidnapped daughter. Sarah Taylor, 31, hopes to invoke Sharia Law to win back four-year-old Nadia. ...Nov 2007

Foreign employment opportunities in Libya
Libyan Ambassador Essa Ahmed Emhemed Gssa said employers in Libya are keen in absorbing Sri Lankan employees for the country’s development work. ...Nov 2007

Libya and Malta discuss
for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation and Maltese Foreign Minister discussed bilateral cooperation between Libya and Malta. ...Nov 2007

Smaller businesses get into Libya
An Oklahoma City drilling company's first international foray will be in Moammar Gadhafi's Libya, another sign that US investment is ...Nov 2007

10-men Libya stun Saudi Arabia
A last-gasp header from Omar Daoud grabbed Libya three precious points in the Pan-Arab Games after beating Saudi Arabia, the tournament’s favorites, ...Nov 2007


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Libya Travel news

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