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Kyrgyzstan, agreed to sign WTO protocol

Touristclick Kyrgyzstant Travel News

Kyrgyzstan, agreed to sign WTO protocol

by UNIAN News Agency

Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk discussed Ukraine`s joining the WTO with his Kyrgyz counterpart Ednan Karabaev in Bishkek today.

According to the information of the Foreign Ministry`s press service, the parties agreed to sign a bipartite protocol "On Access to Commodities and Services Market within the Framework of Ukraine`s Accedence to the WTO".

Besides, at a meeting with Kyrgyz Minister of Finance Akylbek Zhaparov, First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Mykola Azarov proposed to restructure the state debt of Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan.

Ukraine has completed negotiations with all the members of the WTO Working Group on its accedence to the WTO, accept for Kyrgyzstan, which refused to sign the bipartite agreement with Ukraine, and claimed for paying off the 27 M. USD debt by Ukraine.



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