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Jatoi for shorter airlink with Kyrgyzstan

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Jatoi for shorter airlink with Kyrgyzstan

by The News

Federal Minister for Water and Power, Liaquat Ali Jatoi has stressed the need for establishing shorter air link between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan which could facilitate quick access to the people of the two countries, besides fully exploiting the road link.

He also underlined the need for simplification of visa procedure to promote movement of business community with ultimate objective of enhancing bilateral trade and economic activities between the two countries. He said this while addressing the second session of the Pakistan-Kyrgyzstan Joint Ministerial Commission on Sunday in Bishkek.

According to the message received from the embassy of Pakistan at Bishkek, the session was held in friendly and cordial atmosphere reflecting the close bilateral relations existing between the two countries.

Igor Chudinov, Minister for Energy and Fuel Resources, represented the government of Kyrgyzstan. Both sides discussed wide range of issues covering water and power, communication, science and technology, education, culture and tourism, bilateral trade and industries. They expressed satisfaction over the progress of the decisions taken during the first JMC held in Islamabad in 2003 and resolved to enhance the bilateral relations at a faster pace.

Jatoi offered the Kyrgyz government free short term training courses for the officers of railways, post offices and banks. He also offered them training in the fields of agriculture and science and technology. The Kyrgyz side assured to work closely with the authorities in Pakistan in this regard. The Kyrgyz minister lauded the assistance and support being provided to them by the Pakistani government in their development efforts.



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