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KyrgyzstanTravel News
Take a time to explore our Kyrgyzstan travel News section before you travel to Kyrgyzstan

Touristclick Kyrgyzstan Travel News

The wild flower meadows of Kyrgyzstan
Despite efforts to ascertain facilities for independent travel in Kyrgyzstan, it was evident that the isolated terrain did not suit casual meanderings by ...Nov 2007

Kyrgyzstan, agreed to sign WTO protocol
Ukraine has completed negotiations with all the members of the WTO Working Group on its accedence to the WTO, accept for Kyrgyzstan, which refused to sign ...Nov 2007

Azarov and Yatsenyuk left for Kyrgyzstan
Two leader agreed about today’s visit of Ukrainian delegation to Kyrgyzstan. During the visit to Bishkek, Azarov and Yatsenyuk are schedulled to meet with ...Nov 2007

Kyrgyzstan: Parties Struggle for Power
by Asel Political events in Kyrgyzstan for the past several weeks have spurred a lot of discussions, assumptions and dispute among Kyrgyz bloggers. ...Nov 2007

Jatoi for shorter airlink with Kyrgyzstan
He said this while addressing the second session of the Pakistan-Kyrgyzstan Joint Ministerial Commission on Sunday in Bishkek. According to the message ...Nov 2007


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Kyrgyzstan Travel news

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