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Kazakhstan: the average purchasing

Touristclick Kazakhstan Travel News

Kazakhstan: the average purchasing

by Agrimarket Consulting

According to the Union of grain processors of bakers of Kazakhstan, as for November 5, 2007, the grain market of the Republic notices the further increase of the average price for 3-grade wheat (1.65%). The average price for 3-grade wheat totaled 247.41 USD/t.

As the representatives of the Union informed, mainly local factors conditioned the increase of the purchasing price. At that, the reducing of the total number of grain purchasing companies was typical for last week.

The market of flour in Kazakhstan also noticed the influence of local factors. The increase of prices was typical for top-grade and dark wheat flour (0.1-1.24%). The prices for packed top-grade flour also increased. However, the prices for first grade flour reduced.



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Kazakhstan Travel news

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