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Kazakhstan Travel News
Take a time to explore our Kazakhstan travel News section before you travel to Kazakhstan

Touristclick Kazakhstan Travel News

Kazakhstan: Interview with Akhan Satayev
by Adil Nurmakov Tomorrow the movie theatres of Kazakhstan and Russia will start shows of “Racketeer”, one of the first Kazakhstani commercial film-making ...Nov 2007

Kazakhstan to Automate ATM
Level Four, a leading supplier of open standards-based ATM software, today announced that Kazkommertsbank, the largest private bank in Kazakhstan, ...Nov 2007

First Banking Security Day in Kazakhstan
Piotr Pertsov, Director of Business Development of BioLink, notes: “Kazakhstan, being the most active promoter of biometric identification technologies ...Nov 2007

Kazakhstan: the average purchasing
Kazakhstan: the average purchasingAccording to the Union of grain processors of bakers of Kazakhstan, as for November 5, 2007, the grain market of the Republic notices the further increase ...Nov 2007

Kazakhstan: Media Wars
A Kazakhstan-born blogger now living in Australia, weathercock, says he has a “pathologic reaction to restriction of free speech on the post-Soviet space, ...Nov 2007


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Kazakhstan Travel news

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